Spare fruit?

West Ealing Abundance are currently on the lookout for anyone that has an allotment and can spare some abundant fruit so we can pick and freeze it ready for our jam and chutney making. Also do you know of any good places with wild growing fruit? Please let me know! Thanks.


7 thoughts on “Spare fruit?

  1. I’ve collected and washed more small glass jars, with tops, which I’ll drop off at Abundance this weekend.

    I’m planning to pick even more blackberries this year!



    1. Great! Elizabeth, Gill and myself are sorting jars out next Tuesday evening. More blackberries are good so we can make more jam!


  2. I’ve collected a large quantity of what i thought were cherries over-hanging Court 12 at Ealing Lawn Tennis Club. Tasters however think that the fruit is either a kind of plum or damson. Anyway they are now washed, bagged and in my freezer.


    1. That’s great Eric.? Elizabeth, Gill and myself had a meeting this week and I was keen to try to get some plums or damsons for jam making.


  3. Friend just gave me her late mother’s recipe for apple and mint jelly and she’ll let me have some of her cookers from garden in Sussex : Francoise Gentil’s apple and mint jelly


    1. Gill I think Elizabeth has a view on apple and mint jelly! Are you looking to make yourself as they have in the past remain unsold and Elizabeth has ended up with a glut!


  4. yes, i think you’re right, jellies not popular but i think i might prefer them – probably do just a little for experiment,/self but will at least give excuse to go to sussex for apples for wider purpose – not exactly local to w ealing, though


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