Blackberry Jam – Another Success!

Two Abundance volunteers – Sarah and Elizabeth had a very successful session on Saturday 9th September – 16 jars of blackberry jam plus a taster jar from just over 2kg of blackberries. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough blackberries this year to make any real quantity of blackberry jam but we still have around 2kg left over and another volunteer, Gill is going to try blackberry and lime jam – sounds delicious and I assume the lime will offset the sweetness, ideal if you find jam a bit sweet and cloying. 

Sarah and Elizabeth used 6 tblsp of lemon juice to ensure a set.  They also found the jam set in about 5 minutes.  Admittedly they used very little water to stop them burning when breaking down but it gave a good consistency of fruit to liquid.  They also used jam sugar [ie sugar + pectin] covering all bases to ensure a set!  Less water was used (300ml) because they cooked the blackberries from frozen which added some water.

Sugar quantities were 200grms sugar to 250ml of blackberry mixture.

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