Damson and plum Jam

I made some damson and plum jam today, using some of the plums from Elizabeth that had failed to set in her plum jam. I was a bit hesitant about it setting so added the juice of 2 lemons to be on the safe side. I followed the recipe for the damson jam and again used around half the water in the recipe as I boiled the damsons/plums from frozen. The biggest amount of time spent is de-stoning the fruit! It is such a pain.

I am happy to report that the jam has successfully set although on tasting the sample it seems alot sweeter then the first batch of damson jam. Maybe it is the addition of the plums, or maybe my taste buds have changed!

Anyway the most important part is it’s 9 jars towards the stock we already have for the craft fair at St James, West Ealing on the 7th November. I have 6kg more of damsons to use so I reckon at this rate I will get around 27 more jars – that’s alot of damson jam!

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