West Ealing Neighbours Abundance Meeting

I held a very successful meeting a couple of weeks ago with various interested parties in our project. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways in which we could possibly help each other out and also to try and gain some commitment from the allotment representatives about securing any spare produce for us to either use in our jams and chutneys or to pass on to groups within West Ealing such as St John’s soup kitchen. The reps that attended were very positive about the potential for spare produce and thought the best way of achieving this would be through targeted leafleting with a box for the produce to be placed in. I have enough rhubarb at present so lets so how we get on with our request later in the year for strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, plums and apples – to name a few!

West Ealing Abundance will be helping the ladies from Chiswick – Sarah and Karen – with their Green Day stand on 13th June as part of Bedford Park Festival http://www.smaaa.org.uk/festival/index.html

West Ealing Abundance will have a stand along with West Ealing Neighbours at Hanwell carnival on 19th June. We will be asking for volunteers to pick fruit later on in the year as well as continue with our fruit mapping exercise for the local area. Check out the locations so far via WEN’s website http://www.westealingneighbours.org.uk/abundanceMap.html
We will also be selling some of our jams and chutneys.

Other events are planned later on in the year – watch this space!


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