Abundance! – Jam and Cordial For Sale

Hi Everyone

If you would like some luxury home made Strawberry or Cherry Jam please contact me. It really is amazing and all local produce to West Ealing too! We also have some Rhubarb and Ginger Jam that has a real kick to it, plus some super Elderflower Cordial.

Prices are £2.75 for Cherry and Strawberry and £2.50 for the Rhubarb and Ginger and Cordial. They make lovely presents, or treat yourself to some. A million times better than shop bought and ALL profits (minus costs of other ingredients) get ploughed back into the project.

Don’t make even more money for Waitrose, Sainsbury’s etc make it for WEN Abundance!

Please email me on dianegill@aol.com to place your order.


Abundance is working!

WEN’s and fellow jam/chutney maker, Sarah called me on Sunday morning; a friend of hers had around 100 punnets of
strawberries left over from Hanwell Carnival and they were going to be dumped! 10
minutes later they were in my front garden.

Here’s what happened to those

My neighbour took 5 trays for the Rotary at Pitshanger Party in the Park – they
all sold for £1.50 per punnet.
WEN’s Chair David and his wife Elizabeth took 2 trays for the elderly residents home at O’Grady Court.
Sarah and Gill took some to make strawberry jam this evening.
And I also had 2 trays to make strawberry jam.

The only strawberries thrown away were the odd ones that were past their best.

How brilliant is that!

We will call this Tim's Strawberry Jam after the person that donated 100 punnets of strawberries

Hanwell Carnival – Abundance!

We all had a great day on Saturday 19th June on our joint West Ealing Neighbours and WEN Abundance stall, although Abundance hogged most of the day! We had Elderflower Cordial, jams and chutneys to sell and we pretty much sold out of everything. The main focus was our fruit mapping exercise – building up locations in the public realm of fruit trees to plot on our google map on our website to be found at this location


I never knew there was so much fruit in Hanwell and most of it was at the back of Elthorne Park!

We also had a lot of individuals happy for us to pick excess fruit in their back gardens, so we will need to buy our picking equipment ready for the challenge come mid August onwards.

A picture of our stall below with the lovely Sarah ready to sell, sell, sell….

Sarah selling lots of jams, chutneys and cordial

Hanwell Carnival Saturday 19th June – Elthorne Park

West Ealing Neighbours & West Ealing Abundance will be having a stall at Hanwell Carnival for the first time this year. We will be in the charity section selling lovely jams and chutneys and for the first year our delicious Elderflower Cordial! We are also carrying on with our mapping of fruit trees in the local area and looking for volunteers for our Abundance project.

The Carnival starts with a procession at 11am and the stalls will be open from around 11.30am. We will be there until 6pm.

Please come along and see what we are up to and buy our produce too!

Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial
The Country Store


Makes 2.25 litres/around 4 pints

1.5kg/3 ½ lbs granulated sugar (cane sugar)
50g/2oz citric acid (available from chemists)
25-30 large elderflower heads (use more if they are small) gently wash and very gently shake to dispel any lingering insects and water.
2 lemons unwaxed, sliced

Dissolve sugar in 1.5litres/2 ½ pints of hot (boiled) water, stirring till dissolved, and leave to cool. When cool stir in the citric acid and add the elderflower and sliced lemon.

Cover and leave to infuse for two days (48hrs) at room temperature. Stir occasionally.

On the third day, strain through a fine sieve lined with muslin TWICE (or a new J-cloth rinsed out in boiling water) pour into clean dry sterilised bottles and pasteurise for 20 minutes at 85oC. Store in a cool, dark place. To serve, dilute to taste with still or sparkling mineral water.

Pasteurised cordial can be stored in a cool and dark place for a few months. If you do not wish to pasteurise your cordial, you should store it in the fridge for no longer than a few weeks.

Top Tips

Pick the elderflowers if possible early morning though any time during the day is OK provided it is not really hot.

Choose a period of dry weather. Avoid picking when raining or after rain.

Choose flowers which have only just opened. Leave those which have gone brown or those that the petals fall off if you gently shake them.

Never pick elderflowers from the roadside.

As well as drinking, it makes a lovely sorbet and also really enhances gooseberries if you had a tablespoon when gently poaching them.

Observer Ethical Awards – WEN’s Press Release


On the evening of June 10th at a star-studded ceremony at the V&A in London, presented by Colin Firth and Lucy Siegle (Observers Ethical Living Correspondent) the winners of this years Observer Ethical Awards were announced.

Over 8000 entries were received this year representing the enormous variety of solutions and ideas dealing with environmental and social justice in the UK.

West Ealing Neighbours Abundance Project is part of an Abundance UK network shortlisted for the Grassroots Projects category who were announced as winners at the ceremony last night.

Each year hundreds of fruit trees go unpicked either because people don’t notice them, may not be physically able to harvest them or there are just too many fruits at one time. Abundance is a team of mostly volunteers who have helped harvest city fruit and redistributed the surplus to the community on a non-profit basis.

Diane Gill, WEN’s Abundance project manager says ‘’I am so thrilled that WEN Abundance is part of the Abundance UK network that has won this years Grassroots Projects Award – it makes all our efforts worthwhile. And whilst the London groups are less established than Sheffield and Manchester we have take inspiration from them to start our own groups and hope to be as successful as them over the next few years. 2010 is a big year for us at WEN Abundance having just received funding via Ealing Councils Ward Forum budgets for a variety of activities we have planned. If anyone wants to be a volunteer to help pick fruit, make jams and chutneys, or with general publicity please contact me at WestEalingNeighbours@gmail.com’’

Observer Ethical Awards 2010 – and the winner is???????

Abundance UK!

At a star-studded ceremony in London, presented by Colin Firth and Lucy Siegle, the winners of the Observer Ethical Awards were announced. Abundance UK were shortlisted in the Grassroots Projects category with three other groups for these prestigious Awards.

For a full list of winners and more about Abundance click on the link below.