Out foraging for Blackberries

I will be out to a couple of locations this weekend to hopefully pick a lot of blackberries to make jam – has anyone picked any yet locally by the way?


3 thoughts on “Out foraging for Blackberries

  1. I am in Hampshire at the moment and the blackberries are beginning to ripen and sweeten. I’m remembering from last year that we need a mixture of just-ripe and slightly under-ripe fruit for a good set. Also, mustn’t use over-ripe fruit or the jam will have poor keeping qualities. There are a load of nice apples becoming ripe (I’m in a lovely woodland setting in the south downs) so hopefully i’ll make some blackberry and apple jam. Have also got a grapevine in full flow- never seen so many grapes in one place. Will have to experiment with grape jam. I’m looking after a polytunnel and running a ‘save the coriander’ campaign – i’ve got a pesto recipe that involves walnuts. I’m hoping I can find a food processor as I’m a bit too lazy to pound it all up.


    1. Good stuff I went to Bitterns Field today at Brent River Park and found loads of blackberries. Plus I walked further round to the small bridge near the gold course and there is a damson tree in full fruit. I will be sending a note out to volunteers to come along and help pick more for Abundance.


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