What a brilliant day at West Ealing Family Day!

Wow what a great day today! We sold over 100 cups of our freshly pressed apple juice and all my 50 toffee apples were sold! We had loads of volunteers chopping, pressing, straining, selling, leafleting, chatting, laughing and generally enjoying themselves! Here are some pictures of the event, I’ll post more over the next few days.

Conrad pressing apples and junior helpers!
Onlookers keen to see what we were doing with our apples!
The kids were having a great time trying out our apples press!
Like our new logo and banner?!
Crowds milling around the stall and buying our delicious apples juice too!

3 thoughts on “What a brilliant day at West Ealing Family Day!

  1. I had a stall at the event to raise some money for the local Amnesty International group and when I arrived I could smell the apples as I went past the church. Great idea, hope to see you elsewhere in the borough sometime.


    1. Hi Albertina I’m glad you thought it was a great idea! Overall, we were really pleased with the day and used all of the apples we had collected over the past few months (the rest were used for chutney/jam) We will be at the craft fair at St James Church on Saturday 27th November selling our luxury home made products so maybe see you there!


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