Abundance London Events

create your own tree!
create your own tree grafting workshop on 3rd April
My Abundance London colleagues will be busy over the next couple of months. Here is a copy of their Newsletter….

News from Abundance London, March 2011

Lots of exciting events happening in Chiswick and Hammersmith as spring arrives at last. Learn how to create your own perfect fruit tree in the friendly greenhouse in Ravenscourt Park – learn a new skill and come home with a fabulous customised tree.

Create your own tree, 3rd April
Learn how to graft your own bespoke fruit tree

Learn how to graft your own fruit tree, and take home a new tree, personalised by you. A perfect gift for yourself or for mother’s day?
Sessions must be booked in advance and cost £12, which includes everything, including the new tree. Bring some twigs from your favourite tree if you would like to make one of them… See attached poster for more details, or check out http://www.abundancelondon.com
Venue: Ravenscourt Greenhouses, Hammersmith. Booking required. info@abundancelondon.com

Pruning course, 10th April
There will be a free pruning workshop on Dukes Meadows (by the river, behind the Farmers Market), focussing on stone fruit (plum, cherry, etc). Booking required: admin@dukesmeadowstrust.org

Seedswap 20th March
Bring your surplus seeds along to Chiswick House Kitchen Garden. Contact http://www.chgt.org for more information.

Grow your own
Lots of courses for beginners at the Ravenscourt Greenhouses, run by Hammersmith Community Gardens Association. Check out the website for details on http://hcga.org.uk/content/events/events.html

Succulent collection
Well, you can’t eat them, so strictly speaking we shouldn’t include them – but this is a special behind-the-scenes look at the succulents collection at Kew on 23rd June. Contact steveoram@btinternet.com


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