Spaces left for the grafting Workshop at Ravenscourt Park, Saturday 3rd April 10.00am – 4.00pm

There’s still time to book on Abundance London’s grafting workshop, 3rd April 2011, 10-4pm

Come and learn how to create your own tree. They will be providing root stocks and scions and show you how to choose and create your own tree – which you then get to take home. Scions determine the type of fruit (what variety of apple, pear, etc), while the root stock determines the size and vigour of your tree. Groups are small – maximum 5 people – so you will have individual tuition. Children can accompany under your supervision, but note that grafting requires the use of a sharp knife, so it’s not suitable for the very young.

A bespoke tree – makes an original mother’s day gift, or your own perfectly tailored tree. Each session lasts 30 mins. If you have a favourite tree and wish to make more – bring along some 30cm/18in pencil-thickness twigs. We will be providing a wide range on the day from which you can choose. £12: includes tuition, equipment, tree to take home. The workshop will be held in the Ravenscourt Park greenhouses, just behind the cafe in the middle of the park.

For more information, or a booking form, please contact, or check out


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