Elderflowers Abundant in West Ealing

A group of us went out picking elderflowers yesterday and found rich pickings in Walmer Gardens and particularly Elthorne Park. We hurried back to my house to start the cordial making process and reckon from this batch we’ll get around 70 bottles of cordial that we will be selling at Hanwell Carnival on the 18th June.

Diluted with fizzy water and a slice of lemon, the cordial makes a lovely summer drink – come along early to Hanwell Carnival to avoid disappointment!


elderflower weekend and cordial making 14th/15th May 2011

A group of us are planning to pick several hundred elderflower heads on Saturday morning, May 14th – weather permitting. We might do a repeat ‘pick’ on Saturday morning, May 21st. We’ve found a location where they’re quite prolific, in the ‘fields’ beyond Elthorne Park, although you’d need wellies to wade through nettles in some places, and a crooked stick to pull down the high branches.

We’ll be following the recipe on here https://westealingabundancew13.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/292/ which we used last year to produce the cordial which went down very well at Hanwell Carnival and will will be selling again at this years Carnival on the 18th June, as well as Pitshanger Party in the Park on the 26th June.

Anyone who is interested in knowing more, or getting involved, please email wenabundance@gmail.com.

I know Sheffield is a long way, but….

If you are interested in learning about herbal medicine then the much celebrated Abundance Group in Sheffield are running a series of workshops in May that will help you discover how to grow, harvest and use medicinal plants.

For more information contact Stephen Watts at maxsalad@gmail.com

Learn all about herbal medicine at these May workshops