A bumper crop of quinces – oh and did I mention apples & pears too

My first attempt at quince cheese!

This year really is going to be our biggest yet with over a 1,000 kilos of fruit picked so far and more coming in!

Quinces are in season now and my first experience of them is that they are very, very hard to cut through so whatever you are making make sure you have your sharpest knife out to cope!

Anyway for once I decided to make something for myself rather than the Abundance project and Elizabeth (guru of chutney and all things related) gave me a recipe for quince cheese to try.  It was a bit off a faff, by as I tend to do these things in around 3 stages, possible over 3 different days too it wasn’t too bad.  To buy quince cheese is very expensive, now I know why!

A picture of my cheese in small plastic containers setting nicely.  I bought them from Poundland and they have airtight lids so will be easy to store for as long as a year – maybe more.  I’m going to be hot footing it down to the Cheddar Deli on Northfields Avenue to get a lump of manchego then I’m all set for a very tasty snack.


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