Apple juce, pears, quinces, damson jam and more in the making

This is the busiest time of year for Abundance with so many fruits being picked. We’ve just taken delivery of our second batch of apple juice. Different apples this time and the juice tastes fruity and dry – very refreshing. We’ve got to get it labelled and then it will be ready to sell.

We picked a mass of damsons a couple of weeks ago at a site in Northolt and we now have some 30 jars of spectacular looking damson jam. Damson has one of the most intense of fruit flavours so this should be something to savour.

The kitchen is starting to take on that autumnal aroma of vinegar! It’s chutney time again. We’ve got pears in and ready for the ever-popular pear and ginger chutney. We have a goodly supply of quinces which may be turned in to quince cheese or maybe in to chutney – we shall see what works best.


New season apple juice now available


Our first apple juice of the season is now available.  We sent over 100kg of local apples for pressing at Millets in Oxfordshire. The apples came from our orchard in Walmer Gardens and some local back gardens. The juice costs £2.80 a bottle (75cl) or 3 for £7.50 and is available from The Craft Barn at The Fox pub in Hanwell or you can email us and we can arrange collection –

Our second batch of apples has just been delivered for pressing so there is more on its way.