Apples n’ Pears in Perfect Condition!

We are sometimes offered windfall apples or pears, which is fine if they haven’t been heavily bruised when falling. We would much rather come and view your tree and help you pick it or pick it ourselves then we can be assured the quality of the fruit for our juice, jam and chutney making.

We can of course accept windfalls if they are in tip top condition! Please comment here, or email us on if you have any fruit to offer us!

Pauly looking a bit glum. No idea why there were plenty of apples!
Paul looks glum as he can spot some bruised apples!

Volunteering Opportunities – Pear Picking this Saturday 3rd October


Dear all

We have nearly come to the end of our apple picking for this season, however we still have a lot of pears to pick! We are picking once again at Northfields allotments this Saturday 3rd October at 10.30am. If you are interested in coming along please arrive by 10.30am sharp at the entrance gates by the bus stop on Northfields Avenue. We will supply all the equipment just come suitably dressed for picking on a muddy allotment! If you are unfamiliar with Northfields Allotments they are run by ‘Pathways’ so this is the signage you will see and they are surrounded by green metal fencing along part of Mattock Lane at the Lido Junction end and down Northfields Avenue.

The pear trees are easy to get to so will suit small children as the allotment is also secure. Some lifting is involved, and of course the picking of pears from the tree!

Hope to see you there.

WEN Abundance

Any queries please email

Apple juce, pears, quinces, damson jam and more in the making

This is the busiest time of year for Abundance with so many fruits being picked. We’ve just taken delivery of our second batch of apple juice. Different apples this time and the juice tastes fruity and dry – very refreshing. We’ve got to get it labelled and then it will be ready to sell.

We picked a mass of damsons a couple of weeks ago at a site in Northolt and we now have some 30 jars of spectacular looking damson jam. Damson has one of the most intense of fruit flavours so this should be something to savour.

The kitchen is starting to take on that autumnal aroma of vinegar! It’s chutney time again. We’ve got pears in and ready for the ever-popular pear and ginger chutney. We have a goodly supply of quinces which may be turned in to quince cheese or maybe in to chutney – we shall see what works best.

Pear & Ginger Chutney


1.5kg pears, cored and chopped (peel if skins are hard or marked)
500g cooking apples, peeled, cored and chopped
200g raisins
2/3 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
500ml vinegar- 50/50 cider and white wine vinegar
2/3tblsp grated ginger
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon cumin
¼ teaspoon mace
½ teaspoon ground white pepper
400g soft brown sugar or for a darker colour substitute 100g with Demerara sugar

Place prepared pears and apples plus raisins, garlic and vinegar in a heavy based pan. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for about 10-15mins until the fruit begins to soften.

Add the ginger and spices and cook for another 15 minutes. Timing depends on how quickly the fruit breaks down, so longer cooking may be required.

Add the sugar a little at a time and stir until all has dissolved.

Simmer very gently until the chutney has thickened, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking on the bottom. You will need to do this quite frequently as it nears completion. It is ready when you can draw a spoon either across the base of the pan or through a spoonful of mixture on a plate and no watery liquid runs into the trail.

Bottle in warm sterilised jars, fill the jars a little fuller than usual as the mixture will shrink slightly when it cools then seal. Label when cold and store in a cool dark place. Keep for a few months before opening to allow the flavours to develop. Once open, store in a refrigerator. It can be kept for 12-18 months.

1. If after the sugar has been added, there is quite a bit of liquid, simmer rapidly for a short period to remove some of the liquid. However, be careful not to remove too much as the chutney needs to cook for at least 60-90mins to enable the flavours to mingle.