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SUSU Organic July 27, 2009

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My fellow neighbour, Gill has been making contact with like-minded individuals via the Internet and Susie Bailey from SUSU Organic has very kindly offered to advertise West Ealing Abundance on her website.

Susie has set up a very informative directory of the best of organic, the best of green, the best of sustainable and the best of eco-friendly businesses around the Nottinghamshire area.

Susie doesn’t just want a directory of businesses that are willing to pay for advertising. She wants to provide a directory of businesses that feel happy to recommend to friends and family.

Read about us by clicking on the SUSU Organic link under ‘useful websites’. You can also browse Susie’s very informative and well laid out website.


have your food shopping habits changed since the recession? July 1, 2009

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Last night I watched a Money Programme 3-part special with Greg Wallace investigating consumers food shopping habits now we are in recession. It appears that value own brands are on a massive increase and organic produce sales have decreased by around 11%, although Fairtrade products are up.

It got me thinking about how I have economised since a) having a son to look after and b) since watching my pennies in the recession.

Have your shopping habits changed? And if so in what way?


west ealing neighbours public meeting 25th June June 21, 2009

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Just a short reminder that we are holding a public meeting at St John’s Church, Mattock Lane on Thursday 25th June starting at 7.30pm. The main subjects for discussion are:

The Lido Junction
The regeneration of Green Man Lane Estate
The Councils plans for sprucing up West Ealing

Please come along for an informative and interesting evening with lots of lively debate!