Volunteering day at our Orchard in Walmer Gardens – Saturday 26th September

Due toHyacinthoides_non-scripta_(Common_Bluebell) the success of our clear up days we are holding another one on Saturday 26th September from 10am – 12pm.  This time we are going to be planting some spring bulbs to help attract the bees (Ealing Transition have their beehives at the back of the Orchard)

Walmer Gardens Map (head for the entrance to April Cottage, it looks like you are walking up the drive and then turn left.  The Orchard is enclosed in fencing)

If you are free then come along to Walmer Gardens with your garden gloves, secateurs and/or loppers. Clearing is quite hard work and only suitable for children over the age of 12. Please contact Diane Gill on wenabundance@gmail.com or 07736857700 for further information, otherwise we will see you there on the day!
If you can’t help with clearing, but have a car and would be willing to take garden rubbish to the dump please contact me or turn up at the Orchard on the day.

We are also looking for more expert volunteers, so if you know a bit about apples/pears and could help with picks in the next couple of weeks please email me.

Many thanks and hope to see you on the day!


WEN Abundance

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